Ammonium Sulfate

Applications: For industrial use, Ammonium Sulfate is used in various industries including water treatment, fermentation, fire proofing compositions, viscose rayon, tanning and food additive.

Ammonium Nitrate

Applications:Fertilizer, explosives, herbicides and insecticides

AD Anios TT4S

Applications: AD Annios TT4S is an auxiliary for cleaning. This auxiliary helps other cleaning agents to disperse mineral and organic stains as well as limit carbonatation of washing solutions. It is non corrosive with materials, non aggressive with skin. It can be used to reduce the concentration of other surface cleaning agents such as caustic soda and to lessen the time for cleaning. Currently, it is used in Thailand in the sugar industry for cleaning boiling tanks.


Applications: Caprolactam’s main use is as the raw material for the production of Nylon 6 which consequently forms an integral part in a myriad of other consumer and industrial products, particularly for the automobile industry.

Copper Sulphate

Applications: In agriculture industry, copper sulfate is used as soil additive, pesticides and Bordeaux mixture. It is also used to control fungus as well as used as animal feed additive. In the chemical industry, copper sulfate is used in swimming pools as an algaecide. Other industries include textile mordant, leather, electronic batteries, medicine, wood preservative.

Magnesium Chloride

Applications: Magnesium chloride is used for dust control and de-icing of highways and sidewalks. It also is used for a variety of other applications: fertilizer, mineral supplement for animals, wastewater treatment, artificial seawater, feed supplement, textiles, paper, fireproofing agents, cements and refrigeration brine.

Polycarbonate Diol (PCD)

Applications: High performance ingredient that adds value to polyurethanes such as excellent heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, oil resistance, and weather resistance. Markets for polyurethanes are automotive, appliances, building/construction, coating/adhesives/elastomer, furniture and bedding.

Potassium Chloride (Muriate of Potash – MOP)

Applications: The majority of the potassium chloride produced is used as fertilizer. As a chemical feedstock, it is used for the manufacture of potassium hydroxide and potassium metal. It is also used in medicine, lethal injections, scientific applications, food processing.


Applications: Apart from its use as fertilizer, urea is used in many other industries including animal feed, plastics, explosives, medicine, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dentifrices and many others.

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